Our Services
  1. Construction Landscape
    Major projects included sports fields, parks, museum grounds, and government campuses.
  2. Irrigation
    Previous projects in irrigation recreational parks, sports fields, high-rise office complexes and more.
  3. Grounds Maintenance
    Everything from malls and shopping centers, condominium associations, high-rise apartment and office complexes, and more.
  4. Snow Removal
    Previous projects include hospital campuses, professional centers, and more.
McDonnell Landscape Inc. has extensive Commercial Construction experience working with General Contractors, Developers and Owners. We specialize in Excavation, Erosion Control, Site Furnishings, Drainage, Porous Paving Systems, Sitework, Soil Stabilization, Bio Retention Ponds, Water Management and Landscape Installation. Additional Services Include:

  • Drainage Basins and Pipe Installation
  • Hydroseed
  • Lightweight and Planter Soil Mixes
  • Planters, Drainage
  • Reforestation and Wetland Mitigation
  • Retaining Wall Systems
  • Sod
  • Sports Field Installation
  • Steel Edging
  • Stone Pavers and Flagstone
  • Topsoil Screening and Placement
  • Tree Removal and Pruning
  • Wetland Plantings
McDonnell Landscape certified designers and water management experts can install a customized Irrigation System to meet all of your needs.

Our Certified Technicians Provide:

  • New System Design and Installation
  • Service, Repair and Maintenance
  • Spring Start Up and Winterization
  • Sports Field Design and Installation
  • Pond aeration and water quality systems
McDonnell Landscape, Inc. provides grounds maintenance services for some of Washington’s most prestigious properties. We maintain The National Park Service Roadways, Military Bases, National Monuments and County Municipalities.

Our services include:
  • Turf Management
  • Fertilization
  • Trimming, Edging and Debris Removal
  • Federal, State and County Highway Maintenance
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – Licensed
  • Insect & Weed Control
  • Seasonal Plantings
  • Tree Removal and Arborist Services
  • Soil Testing
  • Leaf Removal
McDonnell Landscape Inc. has over 25+ years of Snow and Ice Management experience. We use our own forces and equipment to perform services for our clients who have a 95% Contract Renewal Rate.

Services Provided:

  • Snow Plowing
  • Ice Control Services
  • Snow Blowing and Shoveling
  • Snow Stacking /Removal Services using Heavy Equipment and Dump Trucks
  • Salt and Chemical Treatments for Roads and Sidewalks
​Landscape Grounds Maintenance Services:

  • Mowing and Trimming Services:

  • Large Natural Fields, Open Spaces and/or Road Right of Ways
  • Large Formal Open Fields and Parade Grounds
  • Moderate Size - Building Grounds
  • Small Size – Building Grounds with Detail
  • Cemetery Grounds

  • Edging and Trimming:

  • Detail Mechanical Edging – Steel Blades
  • Detail Mechanical Edging – Nylon String

  • Weeding Control Services:

  • Chemical Spray Weed Control – Mulched Areas
  • Chemical Spray Weed Control – Sidewalk and Paved Areas
  • Hand Weeding Control – Planting Beds

  • Mulching Services:

  • Hard Wood Mulch and Installation
  • Removal of Existing Mulch

  • Leaf Removal Services:

  • Leaf Removal
  • Fertilization and Soil Amendments:
  • Nitrogen Turf Fertilization and Application
  • Lime and Application

Plant Supply and Installation Services:

  • Plant Material and Installation:

  • Plant Installation Specification – General Planting Operation
  • Alternative Plant Installation Option
  • Groundcover and Perennial Flowers Installation Specification
  • Recommended Planting Seasons
  • Plant Installation –Expanded Work
  • Schedule of Plant Materials Offered and Related Costs

  • Sod and Installation:

  • Hydroseed and Installation​